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Multiplication Blocks


Multiplication Blocks is the next game from the developers of the highly successful Addition Blocks! Designed to increase multiplication speed and accuracy, Multiplication Blocks is an engaging and addictive game to build math skills. Simply tap on connected digit blocks to form the product that matches the falling target block. Think quickly, or the time will run out!
Including the Practice Mode feature that allows players to focus on specific fact families.
Features:* Multiple speed and difficulty settings* Four Game Modes -- Normal, Timed (New!), Practice, and Challenge* Over 30 achievements* 9 Unlockable special blocks* Hidden and Special Levels
What Others are Saying...
“It is fantastic for the classroom ... I would definitely recommend it...” 5 Stars –
“A unique approach to multiplication, this entertaining game helps kids boost their multiplication skills and their confidence. “ 4 ½ stars -
“I wish this app would have been around when I was learning multiplication facts. ” 4 ½ stars -
“We couldn’t get kids to stop playing” –
“...appropriate for children at all different levels of fact mastery” -
This special PRO version features no ads, external links, or in-app purchases!
Multiplication Blocks is aligned to Common Core Standards for Math, specifically (3.OA.4, 5, 7; 5.OA.5). Additionally, math fluency (speed and accuracy) is a constant theme throughout the standards.
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